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A very good product from a very good seller at cheaper price. Very good looking and very good quality. And extremely fast shipping. Both the product quality and the service exceeded my expectation.

---- Madanapalli

I got this case and it fits my phone perfectly! I love how the case makes it more comfortable to type on the QWERTY keyboard. I also love the color :-) I gave 5 stars not only because of the product, but also of the service of apple-global itself. They were very prompt in answering all my inquiries when I placed my order also after when I paid for the product. Apple-global is very reliable and it is sure that you will get the product that you ordered :-) I recommend them to all and I would not hesitate to buy from them again :-)

---- Rapadas

nice case and very cheap.
I like it!!

---- sunny

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iphone 4s IMD / IML hard case

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More Info About iphone 4s IMD / IML hard case

One, IMD product features

As the ink is in between the sheet and injection molding, beautiful decorative graphics, logos built, without friction or chemical attack and disappear.
 graphic, logo and color design can be changed at any time, without changing the mold. 
Three-dimensional shape of the product, printing precision, error of + 0.05mm.
Can provide graphics, logos back light and high light transmission window effect.
Function keys uniformly convex foam, feel good, life is up to 100 million times.
Three-dimensional changes in product design, designers can increase the degree of freedom.
Color clear.

Second, IMD / IML applications

Household appliances: rice cookers, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other control decorative panel;
Electronics: MP3, MP4, calculators, VCD, DVD, electronic organizers, digital cameras and other decorative shell, color covers, and signs;
Automotive industry: instrument panel, air-conditioning panels, interior parts, lights, housing, signs, etc.;
Computer industry: the keyboard, mouse, side shell;
Communications: mobile phone keypad, cell phone lens, mobile phone color covers, PHS and fixed telephone panel, window glasses;
Other industries: medical devices, cosmetics boxes, decorative boxes, toys, sports and recreation supplies and so on.

Third, IMD technology development prospects

Currently, IMD injection mold decoration mosaic technology is widely used in telecommunications, home appliances, electronics, automotive, instrumentation, equipment, medical devices, toys, cosmetics and other industries, is a new technology of plastic decoration. Dimensional changes can increase the freedom of the designer, to design the shape of a variety of customized products to meet the needs of the times.

IMD technology enables injection molding, decorative integration, once completed, can make a variety of special effects, such as: key convex foam, metal, mirror, or eliminate smooth, brushed metal pattern, back translucent, convex point pattern, etc. and so on, highly decorative and functional.

IMD technology is an alternative to plastic painting, plating process the best new technology to reduce the injection of the follow-up processing operations in the plastics industry to promote,popularize, to realize energy saving, environmental protection, meaning companies will bring tremendous social and economic efficiency and environmental benefits.



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